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Interview With An Away Fan: Doncaster Rovers

After a shocking result and performance away to Coventry the Whites need to bounce back against Doncaster Rovers at Elland Road. No offence to our fellow Yorkshire outfit but we usually go into the games full of confidence. Unfortunately due to the recent problems at the club and lack of effort from the players it's hard to predict what the outcome will be of tomorrows game. Anyway I interviewed Lewis Ward editor of the Donny Rovers blog VikingsBloggen.

Currently bottom of the table but with a few games in hand, are you confident of staying up?

It's really hard to say, I have always been confident of surviving but times starting to run out and it's beginning to get a bit harder. Although with Portsmouth's possible 10 point deduction we might have more of a chance.

Although many will suspect poorly, how have you been playing recently?

Performances at home have been good. Before we played Blackpool on Tuesday night we hadn't lost at the Keepmoat since November 1st which isn't bad. Away from home we are really struggling. We tend to have the odd good game but still get nothing from it.

What has Dean Saunders done to change things since O'Driscoll and has he got the fans backing?

Many fans were wary of Saunders' arrival, because of the involvement with McKay but he's got most of the fans backing now. The style of play hasn't changed drastically other than often playing a more direct route. I don't think anyone can really complain about Saunders from what he has done so far, I just hope things start to pick up sooner rather than later.

Billy Sharp departed the club in January and was fairly prolific. I think he will take some good memories with him especially the support the club gave him with his recent personal issues. Apart from his goals what else will you miss from Sharp?

You could always see that Sharp was trying his hardest for the club. He has said thy he loves the fans but felt the time was right to move on. Some people have already given him legend status despite only being here for one and a half seasons as a Rovers player. You could see he was passionate and that is the biggest thing we'll miss.

Ex-Leeds player Neil Sullivan is still going strong into his forty's. Are the fans happy he's still going and how has he played when he's been given the chance?

Sulli has been out injured for a while now, but is on the road to recovery. When he plays he can have a really good game one week but then make a huge blunder the next. To say he's in his forties, he still has the features of a great keeper and can still manage at this level.

The Chimbonda and Diouf situation seems a puzzling one, what is going on with them?

Chimbonda and Diouf were brought in initially on a short term basis. Since their contracts have run out, they have both extended them for the remainder of the season. Chimbonda hasn't had it too easy of late through injury but he'll soon be back to make his mark. Diouf has added a different angle for the side. He slotted in well alongside Sharp but since his departure Diouf has fitted in well alongside Hayter.

We were all a bit cautious when they both signed but they seem to be fitting in well and providing for the side.

How do you see Donny lining up on Saturday?

From recent weeks I think we'll probably go 4-5-1.

David Button has been superb in goal and will retain his place.

Jimmy O'Connor should be at right back with Sam Hird and Adam Lockwood in the centre. Tommy Spurr will more than likely take up the left back position.

Midfield will consist of Diouf, Stock, Oster, Martin Woods and Bamogo.

James Hayter will more than likely be up front.

We've heard a few rumours that Donny fans have protested against the high prices and only a few hundred will be coming. Is this true?

I know a lot of fans have decided against going to the game. The tickets are expensive for a single adult so I can only imagine how much it'd be for a family. I think there are around 200 coming so far.

Anyone impressed you for Leeds this season?

I haven't really seen a lot of Leeds so far this season. When you played us last I know that McCormack was on fire and he's probably the most impressive so far to me.

Prediction for the match?

It's hard to say, it always is! I think I'll have to go for a Rovers defeat of 2-0 but I'd like it to be a Rovers victory of 1-0.

Big thanks to Lewis for his insight into Donny at the moment.

Lets hope the Whites show some bottle and passion for once tomorrow.