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GFH Capital Sole Investors In Takeover Deal

The Yorkshire Evening Post today revealed that GFH Capital do not have any backing from a group of investors and are funding the takeover of Leeds United themselves.

Paul Thomas - Getty Images

News today emerged that GFH Capital Limited, who are behind the proposed takeover of Leeds United, do not have the backing of a group of investors and are funding the deal themselves.

In an article by Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post he also revealed that the Dubai based firm are hoping to seal the deal as soon as possible and the deal proposed is for 100% of Leeds City Holdings Limited. Should the deal go through, Ken Bates will no longer be a part of Leeds United. The offer will leave Leeds United with no debt and Ken Bates is likely to be replaced in the chairman's hot seat by David Haigh, someone that is already interacting with Leeds fans on Twitter or possibly another individual from GFH Capital who is fronting up the offer.

The details of the takeover have gone public in the last few weeks but it has been going on for months now and many Leeds fans got tired of waiting a while ago. Despite GFH talking the talk in various statements, there is still yet to be any proof or suggestion of how they are going to fund Neil Warnock in the transfer market or in fact how they are funding the takeover of Leeds United.

We've been given a tiny little bit more of news, now it's time to go back to waiting for it to go through.