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Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 1 Leeds United: Post-Match Quotes

Warnock embarrassed, Jones brands Leeds fans wild animals, Leeds apologise for incident.

Mark Thompson

Over two hours since tonight's game finished and I'm still struggling to get my heard round what happened tonight?

Blatant handballs, massive crowd, appalling Leeds performance, several possible red cards, Tonge screamer, lucky draw and a horrific attack on Chris Kirkland.

The last point will be remembered for years to come and it's all for the wrong reasons.

If you want to know more about tonight's game then read our match report.

Below are the quotes from Warnock and Dave Jones. Prepare yourself they're outrageous and they don't hold back.


"I felt embarrassed to be a manager when I saw it. I thought it was an absolute disgrace. I think they should get the guy and prosecute him and put him in prison.

"Kirkland went down like a tonne of bricks but that doesn't make a difference. Nobody should be on the pitch doing that. He spoiled everything for everyone. I've not enjoyed that when I see a moron like that.

"I am not proud of being Leeds manager when I see that. I don't mind the rivalry between us - there was a great atmosphere.

"To see things like that on the field of play there is no need for it - I am absolutely embarrassed. They had enough security. If they have got a person like him with a five-year-old mentality they can't stop that. Sheffield Wednesday can't do anything about. It just gives them more opportunity to have a go.

"Dave was saying we shouldn't thank the crowd but our crowd were fantastic but we've got one moron and I can't tolerate that. I've not seen anything like that since my mate Paul Evans got something thrown at him at Burton Albion in an FA Cup game many, many years ago.

"All of them apart from one moron were excellent tonight."


"You can't let them get away with that - they're vile animals. They need to clean their house and get it in order. They should be banned from every away game until they sort it, because that was an absolute disgrace.

" If I've got three subs on, and Chris Kirkland is carried off, what happens? We have to go down to ten men and put an outfield player in goal. That's not right.

"It spoils it because it was a really good game. I said to Neil, and I'm not talking behind his back, that to send his players to clap the fans, no I'm sorry, that's not right. If you're going to make a stand, make it in your own house.

"How many fans did Leeds bring tonight? They are all going to get tarred with the same brush, and that's not right, but they will do because from what I could hear, it wasn't one person chanting the vile things, there were quite a lot of them.

"I thought those days had gone."

Leeds United statement on situation:

"Leeds United Football Club would like to publicly apologise and condemn the action of the fan who came on the pitch and attacked Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland. The club will fully co-operate with the police and the football authorities in identifying the individual concerned.

"After the week football has endured there is no place for this type of behaviour and the majority of Leeds supporters will be ashamed of his actions."