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Interview With An Away Fan: Birmingham City

So tomorrow Leeds return to action after a little break due to the FA Cup, and face Birmingham in what will be a very difficult game. To get the low down on the Blues I spoke to Kev from Birmingham City blog Joys and Sorrows. I've also answered some of Kev's questions on Joys and Sorrows which you can read here.

Tuesday's game obviously falls on deadline day, are you expecting any deals by the game, or do you want anyone else in?

We do need a couple of players, even if no one else leaves (and I'm sure that at least one other will leave). We need another defender and another forward. If we can get a left sided midfielder too - that would be a bonus. Any players coming in will have to be loan deals at the moment.

Two points outside the play-offs with a game in hand. How are you feeling at the moment as a Blues fan?

Yeah there is a growing confidence that we are beginning to head in the right direction. We have put together a good little run and need to try and keep it going. Obviously at the moment we are still slightly out of touch, but we do have a game in hand and we have played most of the top sides away already.

You were expected to be up there for promotion before the start, how high do you think you can go?

Well we COULD win the league, but I don't think we will. I've been saying all along that play-offs would be a good achievement and someone has to win. The thing about the Championship is that any side can beat any side. If a team does go on a prolonged run, they are always going to be in with a shout. We play Leeds and then Saints at home. If we get 6 points, or even 4 points, from those two games - we will be right in there with still a home game in hand.

You destroyed Sheffield United away from home on Saturday, and drew Chelsea away in the fifth round. Happy with that and can you cause an upset?

To be fair to the Blades, they were all over us for 10 or so minutes. If they had scored, who knows what may have happened. When we scored, we never looked like losing. This side has real belief at the moment and although we haven't played that well, the results are beginning to come. Chelsea away? Well the money will come in handy! You'd have to say we'd struggle against a reserve Chelsea side, but every so often upsets happen. We are scoring goals and we aren't conceding many - so who knows! :-)

Nathan Redmond scored and was impressive, just how good is he, can he go all the way and can he still be a Blue in the next few years?

He is very raw. He still makes lots of mistakes, however he is a fantastic prospect. He is tricky, fast, has a decent cross and can shoot. Of course he is a Blues fan too! If we keep him this month, I think we'll have to get promoted to keep him in the summer. He isn't the only one though, we have a number of very promising youngsters at the club.

I like Chris Hughton and think he was treated appallingly by Newcastle. You were happy with him when we last spoke, any more thoughts on him?

Delighted Tom. I am enjoying the style of play, we are looking more and more organised, scoring goals and not conceding many. I also like his relaxed manner and his media approach. I don't think I've heard him complain about anything. However as with our promising players, I think we may well have to get promoted to keep him else a bigger club may be after him in the summer.

Lifting the Carling Cup saw you enter Europe. How much did you enjoy that and has it given you a boost as a club?

What a terrific experience. I would love to have gone to one of the away games. A number of my mates did, and they say it was just awesome. We weren't given a chance after the draw, yet most years 10 points would have seen us through. The squad deserve a lot of credit for our performances. I made the final home game v Maribor, so I did get to one game.

How do you see the Blues lining up on Tuesday?

Difficult to know, although it will probably be pretty much the same side as v Watford. Some away games we've played 442, 4411 or 451. If 442 Redmond will come in for the recently departed Beausejour with King (if fit) and Zigic up front. If king is injured, we may well go 4411 with Elliott playing behind Zigic. The only thing I'm not sure about is if N'Daw will come back in. He has been playing for Senegal, but they were knocked out so we're hoping he'll be back. If so he'll come in for Fahey and be in the middle with Mutch.

Who will be the main threat for the Leeds team?

Mutch and the set pieces and obviously Redmond. Zigic gets loads of stick, and he isn't particularly graceful - however he does make things happen and he will give your defenders a hard time.

Any Leeds players you would love at St Andrews?

Yeah I've been impressed with Robert Snodgrass when I've seen him play. Can we have him please?

Prediction for the match?

At the moment we are full of confidence, but we can't win every game so I'll go for 1-1.