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Andros Townsend: Thoughts from a Spurs fan

This article is a little late, and I was hoping to get these thoughts up before the game against Burnley. However you can't have everything but I thought it would be good to hear the thoughts of a Spurs fan that knows far more about Townsend than we currently do. Yet now we've seen him we know for ourselves just what he can do. So without further ado here are the thoughts of Kevin McCauley a Tottenham fan and editor of Spurs blog Cartilage Free Captain.

"Andros Townsend is a bit of a unique player. He's very tall and lanky, but is great with the ball at his feet and likes to run at defenders. He's competent as both a right and left winger, but I like him on the left. He has also played fullback in a pinch, but he's not the best defender. His dribbling skills are top drawer for the higher Championship - lower Premiership level, but if he has a weakness, it's that he probably runs at people a bit too much and is too late to make a pass. I don't think it's that he's selfish, he just has a lot of confidence in his skills and doesn't yet have the experience to know when an early pass is the better option. From what I've seen of him in Europa League, I think that he's going to improve over the next couple of years and develop into a starting Premier League winger, though I'm not sure he's good enough to crack a Tottenham 25-man squad while they're competing for the top four."

Those at the game today will have seen what Townsend can do, but I thought it would be useful to hear from someone who witnesses his performances on a more frequent basis. Lets hope he plays like he did today every week...if only.

On on on!