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Interview with an away fan: Manchester United

The interview with an away fan has been going since January, ever since Arsenal Offside contacted me for some help with their preview of our FA Cup clash. Each and every one I have done has been enjoyable, it gives me a chance to understand other fans and have a good chat about the game we all love. This season I have managed to find a blogger for every club apart from Millwall, not bad going I say. But this interview was extremely hard, first we don't like Manchester United fans, and second we don't like to talk to them. Well that may be a little exaggeration not all of them are from London, those actually from Manchester and Salford have more respect from myself.


For this interview I decided to put all my biased views and what not to one side, approach the questions with an open mind which is not filled with LUFC thoughts. I talked to Ian from However this sort of back fired, the Man Utd blogger didn't hold back with his views about us, and well at times went a little too far. He might be serious, it might be banter, you decide. Leave your comments and thoughts, about the interview below.

Here we go again then, the second clash between us in around two years. Does the rivalry mean as much to you as it does to us?

It used to before your team plummeted to new depths. I guess from your point of view it's different because United win everything year-on-year but you win nothing so jealousy will play it's part and make you hate us more. Having said that though, we do still sing a lot of songs about you (The Scum) because the rivalry will always be in our history and our future.

I've watched every game of yours this season and you look at the moment unstoppable in the top flight. What is different this year to any other?

There's nothing probably watch EVERY United game, EVERY year! As for us being unstoppable I'd rather not get carried away but the squad looks more ambitious, somehow even more professional and looks like it wants to be better than any previous team we've had, if that happens, you can all look out!

Do you expect Ferguson to drop some of his star names for the game tomorrow?

Yes, he always uses the Carling Cup to blood youngsters. I'd expect to see Paul Pogba at some point. If he does play, I'd advise you to stop him shooting from distance or the score could get messy!

Last season was a big one for you in terms of clinching that 19th title. Of course the fans and team will expect number 20, but can you be as successful in Europe and win with this current squad?

Yes. We're Manchester United.

Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand are out injured at the moment, but you have two top quality replacements in Jones and Smalling. Do you think Vidic and Rio will struggle to get back in the team, considering how well the pair are playing.

Together they might yes, but individually they'll both play a huge role in whatever we go on to win this season, which by the way, will definitely be more than you.


Leeds fans won't forget that famous day at Old Trafford in January 2010. Just how bad of a blow was the defeat to you?

It wasn't the fact it was a blow it was just embarrassing to get beat by a team in the Championship.

The rivalry is massive between the two sides, and could be stronger if not for our recent demise. What does it mean to you this game?

It means a lot more than it should to a lot of Reds I think. It's about bragging rights and not losing face, perhaps it's about coming to your place and laughing at you for 90 minutes, hopefully our inexperienced line-up will do the business on the pitch and give the fans an opportunity to get stuck in to yours.

Although most Man Utd fans loath us, I am sure you will agree we are a big club that some miss from the top flight. What are your thoughts on this and your thoughts on the club as a whole?

We don't 'miss' anyone, we just concentrate on United. Unlike yourselves and the Scousers we don't get fixated on other, lesser clubs and you're not a big club anymore. I mean, were you ever REALLY a big club?

Wayne Rooney had a poor year last year after the World Cup and what not. This year he is on fire and luckily enough for me scoring many points for my dream team. Can he become the greatest striker to play for Man Utd, or will he just be one of many?

He might become the best centre forward (statistically) the club's ever seen but I doubt he'll have a statue on Sir Matt Busby Way, especially not as a Striker.

Some Leeds fans will never forgive Alan Smith for his move to you. What is your opinion on the move, and if possible can you confirm if he kissed the Man Utd badge, as the story is a bit of a mystery amongst Leeds fans?

I can neither deny nor confirm he kissed the badge but he did well for United though, you should've kept hold of him, he wasn't a bad player really.

Apart from the obvious is there any player Fergie might field against us we need to watch out for?

Pogba's already had a mention, not sure if Morrison or Will Keane are in with a shout of making the squad but if they do I'd imagine they'll both score tbh, good players.

You probably wouldn't want any of our Leeds players but who do you consider to be our best player?

Cantona was ok. Out of your current squad Snodgrass and Howson would probably get a run-out in our Reserves so I'll say them.

Prediction for the match? I don't know whether it will be a cricket score, or we can just pull off a close upset. I'll just be happy if we give it a good go.

I'm no good at making predictions but I recommend you give Headingley a ring to see if they'll lend you their scoreboard for the night.


As I am sure you all agree the guy certainly has a high opinion of the scum, and a rather low opinion of us. The fact that he has even questioned our status as a big club is laughable, those with any brain cells in-between their ears know Leeds have been and still are a big club within the world of football. But that is what you get when two clubs are rivals, no love lost. The approach of being reasonable did fail, but it did prove most Man Utd fans are the same but hey ho!


Feel free to leave your thoughts, but to save less work for me be as nice as you can!

After all they are probably are still very bitter about this. And for the record we were a LEAGUE ONE club not a Championship club, not that is embarrassing.

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