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Apologies. But onwards and upwards.

The irony of the start of the last post hasn't been lost on me. The fact that i bemoaned not updating regularly and have now gone a while without updating again. I once again apologise. I have had a busy time of it as of late and will keep on track now until the end of the season. At which point if i don't feel like I can do the justice a site like this deserves then I will pass on the baton.

Now thats out of the way, time to move on to the latest Leeds news.

It's been a strange few weeks at Elland Road. After four straight defeats against arguably 4 out of the strongest 7 teams in this league in Norwich, Swindon, Millwall and Southampton, Leeds dropped out of the top 2 for the first time to as low as fourth after the 3-0 humiliation at home to Swindon.

Another dismal home defeat to Millwall followed and safe to say hope of automatic promotion in my eyes and many others at the match was nil. Much like our goalscoring record in those 4 games.

Suddenly things turned around again. Three straight wins against Southend, Yeovil and Carlisle pushed us back up into 2nd thanks to other results going our way. Disbelief amongst the Leeds faithful that this had happened.

Mainly because of the nature of our performances. Not totally disastrous as there were some good points but the lack of ability to score combined with the suicidal defending which in the end cost the side badly.

So once Millwall and Charlton lost and Swindon drew last Saturday, the chance to be at least 4 points clear in 2nd place seemed a dream with 3 games left. Unfortunately it can't be that easy.

After the canaries of Norwich were singing in the sun at the Valley to celebrate their promotion, Leeds wasted a glorious chance to put themselves in pole position to go up automatically with them, crubling to a 3-2 away defeat to Gillingham.

3-0 after 30 minutes put end to the hope of that. The Gills home record is fantastic comapred to their away form. No away wins and 5 draws. While at home only 3 defeats and only 12 goals conceeded. Leeds had the best away record in the league though, shame no-one told the players.

But amazingly because of the other results, with 3 games left, Leeds still find themselves second. But only 1 point ahead of Millwall, 2 ahaead of Swindon and 3 ahead of Charlton.

The remaining fixtures for the Whites see them at home to MK Dons, away at Charlton and home on the final day against Bristol Rovers.

The fate of going up automatically is in The Whites hands, win all three matches and they're up. You would like to say that the home games are very winable.

MK Dons are currently in dissaray after their manager Paul Ince announced he was leaving the club at the end of the season due to basically a lack of financial backing that meant he felt he couldn't take the club any further.

But he might as well go now as he is serving a five match touchline ban and he isn't exactly getting the best out of the squad at his disposal.

His side isn't exactly one full of confidence, 8 games without a league win and a recent home defeat to struggling Wycombe is not ideal.

That match against the Dons is on Saturday, then follows Charlton at the Valley. A win or even a draw might be enough to take them out of the race.

Another match that plays into the Whites hands is on the final day as Millwall face Swindon.

The two main competitors to Leeds' second spot. If Leeds do find themselves second still by that final day, and Millwall and Swindon are both within touching distance, then a home match for Leeds knowing that only one of their main competitors can get enough points to overtake them would be a huge boost.

Swindon face Wycombe away and Brentford at home before the Millwall away day clash and Millwall have Leyton Orient at home followed by Tranmere away before hosting the Robins.

In both cases they face teams struggling against relegation and looking for points. But also, in theory, matches that they should win. But recently their form has deserted them.

Swindon haven't won in three and Millwall haven't won in two games. There are so many permutations as to what position would make Leeds safe in second that it would take too long for any sane man to take in. The simple one is 3 wins from 3. Thats the fortunate position Leeds are in.

No matter how unlikely or likely Leeds fans think this can happen it's still the situation. Knowing that we don't have to think about other teams results is nice. Every match we play now we only have to think about ourselves. We just need to win every game. Everyone below us knows that even if they win all their remaining games it's not neccessarily enough. I know which position i'd rather be in.

So for the sake of my own sanity, unless it looks like we're going to lose a game (a la Gillingham last week) I won't be looking at anyone elses results until full time. Because quite simply if we're winning, theirs don't matter.

It really is impossible to call who will finish second. At the moment everyone is being very British about taking second. "No after you, no after you, no after you I insist, WILL SOMEBODY TAKE IT!" Swindon, Millwall and Leeds have all had second spot recently then panicked whilst there and lost it. Hopefully Leeds won't lose it now!

If though, Leeds find the form that won them matches against Southend, Yeovil and Carlisle deservedly, they can win their final matches. But anything resembling the Gillingham disaster will well and truly finish them off.

Hang on folks!