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What a start for 2010!

The end of 2009 brought about a familiar pattern for Leeds fans.

Bar a couple of slips 2009 has been one of the most successful years in a long time for everyone concerned at Elland Road.

This continued as we picked up another two wins over the festive period, both showing a resurgent side to Simon Grayson's team.

Both also brought about situations that Leeds aren't used too much this season, coming from behind.

Boxing day welcomed the Monkey Hangers to Elland Road and after the visitors took a shock lead, it seemed the interesting stat of Leeds never being behind at half time this season would be under threat.

leeds hartlepool goal 3

But it wasn't. Ye of little faith. Yeah right, upon seeing the score of losing at home to a mid table side produced the same number of expletives from my mouth and calling the players useless and typical of Leeds. It's the standard reaction of a Leeds fans, it's like having your finger on the trigger of a gun.

Your index finger wobbling, a single bead of sweat slowing slipping down your head, you're ready for the moment when Leeds let you down once more and you pull the trigger and start the verbal onslaught at the TV.

Like I say its unjustified in this season of all seasons, but it always happens as soon as your team goes behind am I right?

It doesn't matter that your team is top of the league by 4 points with a game in hand and haven't lost at home since Jan 2009 and have the best away record. As soon as you go behind, your team is 'typically sh*t' or 'same old cr*p'.

But it didn't matter, we went 2-1 up before half time through two flukey goals.

leeds hartlepool goal 2

One from from Beckford and a Becchio header which was going well wide but deflected off the back of defender Gary Liddle and went on to win 3-1 from a second Beckford goal. Thats better.

Then just two days later we travelled to Stockport for a game which was under the threat of postponement after the impending doom that the snow was expected to bring and the 'dangerously low' plummeting temperatures which would send the country into chaos.

Oh, it was a dusting of snow. Oh well, game on then.

Bottom placed Stockport, top placed Leeds. Easy win for Leeds? Yeah right.

leeds stockport 1

It seemed that would be the case after Snodgrass put us in front after just 90 seconds.

But a free kick from Leeds fan Carl Baker after 11 minutes levelled the score.

The shock was then on as the hosts took the lead just after the hour, and oh god, the trigger was pulled. 'F**king useless Leeds, losing away to the bottom team in the league who have lost 10 games in a f**king row!'

Calm down, Beckford levelled soon after and the Leigh Bromby scored a stunning low volley from 25 yards into the bottom right hand corner just 4 minutes from time. Put the heartburn medicine away, its all fine.

Just to make me feel completely better, Beckford put all the recent criticism behind him to make it 4-2 in the 93rd minute.

I never doubted them for a minute....

So now top of the league by 8 points with a game in hand and 11 points ahead of third place Norwich. Nice.

All of which counts for nothing on Sunday. Old Trafford is calling.


The premiership side who have experienced a recent slump due to a lack of defenders welcome Leeds for the first battle of the roses for the first time since 2004.

9,000 Leeds fans will be heading across the pennines to the dark side for the match knowing there is nothing to lose, our last win at Old Trafford came in 1981 in a 1-0 win with goal coming from Brian Flynn.

Even though the rivalry is still fierce between the teams, Leeds have to be realistic, we are in League One. And even though some of our squad could play in the championship, any of Manchester United's team could play in the premiership.

But why fear? If we get trounced we know deep down we are on the way back and 9,000 fans will sing their hearts out for 90 minutes and show the world we are coming back.

But for one I don't think we will get trounced. We showed against Liverpool in the Carling Cup what we're made of and even the red nosed turnip look a like Sir Alex Ferguson said himself that he thinks we're on the way back, and paid tribute to Simon Grayson.

Ferguson welcomed back key defenders recently in Vidic, Brown and Rafael (one of the fuzzy twins) and will also see the return of Gary Neville and Paul Scholes from injury. Oh crap.


I can't see them not starting purely because the chewing gum ambassador Ferguson knows how much this game means to the fans. Against any other League One team and he probably wouldn't take it as seriously. But this is Leeds United, but we're not famous anymore by the way.

Leeds are without Leigh Bromby after picking up his fifth booking of the season against Stockport but the lifelong leeds fan will be in the ground watching on, possibly in and amongst the fans according to an interview last week.

Max Gradel is cup tied but otherwise it's a full strength team. And they'll give the red devils a run for their money no doubt, no matter what team they put out.

A win would be one of the most heart stopping moments of my life as a Leeds fan. A draw would be equally as good, as a replay at Elland Road would create mass hysteria, and a defeat would be expected and we can still hold our heads up high.

If we carry on our brilliant away form into the game we have a chance, our season is built on a strong defence, but we haven't had to face Rooney and Owen.


But Marching on Together we shall try our best. And no matter what happens, my index finger won't wobble on the emotional trigger, cause I will be proud no matter what happens.