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the balance of power resides in Elland Road

Armed with a fully-fit squadron Simon Grayson leads the Whites in the second-leg of the semi-finals against Millwall at Elland Road on Thursday evening.

Following the opening 1-0 loss, Leeds are in fine position to overturn the deficit on their home grounds but will need to show a more aggressive tactical plan lest they get locked out by the visitors. Knowing the cauldron of Elland Road well, the former Vicarage Road man Kenny Jackett will likely blanket a defensive swath over Leeds with particular focus on slowing the pace of Fabian Delph. The youngster, ripe with promise, feel victim to his immaturity and in response to some tough, physical defending lashed out and was fortunate not to receive a red card. Lost far too often in the shadows of Luciano Becchio, Jermaine Beckford and the Scot, Robert Snodgrass, local-boy Jonny Howson could prove to be the decider and as history has shown, comes up big when the chips are on the line.

Ultimately the match will become a tussle of Leeds disciplined styling under Simon Grayson versus Millwall's problematic defending. Width and transitional pace will prove to be the elixir to the Whites success as a date to Wembley will only be secured with a up tempo approach. However in retrospect to talk of tactics or match-ups seemed a morsel trite. This match will be won with a pat to the crest, a look into the stands and remember all that Leeds ever was and all that it can be. It will be won through the voices rising in the stands and burning fire that resides in each players solemn duty to return the club to its rightful place in the game. The faithful of Elland Road will do their duty and not be deterred and now the time has come for those on the pitch to go forward with a vision towards greatness and boundless courage.

As always I will report on the match as it concludes but given that I will attending the match, I might be a morsel late - that we shall see but until then we are Marching on Together.