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Leeds thirst for promotion

One word seems to sum up the year now; promotion. Thirty-nine matches, the ups and the downs and now all that remains is "promotion". The notions of trophies hoisted, strategies and even the slippery slope of a changing management is cast aside as the idea of promotion brings back the haziest of memories.

There is no denying it, there is a mood that ranges from pensive to giddy with every moment on the pitch now. With seven matches remaining and a full ten points behind second-place Peterborough United, it looks like the Whites will need a bit of playoff magic at Wembley in the first step of the return to glory.

Playoff battles are a different breed of Football, a challenging sort where pedigree and nerves of steel are the mark of success. Error free tactics and a cunning eye towards bleeding out the opposition should they one false move. Yet most off all it is gritty determination that makes the grade. Old eyes search for just a morsel of Billy Bremner's heart and soul through the run and with a building squad, just maybe that magic is there.