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Leeds whimpers about business error

As a CEO of a club, I would assume Leeds Shaun Harvey would be embarrassed of this situation as opposed to laying blame.

Further to a statement on the club web-site, he revealed the club did not register the deal to bring
Liam Dickinson on-loan from Derby County fourteen minutes after the 5:00 pm deadline.

After the agreements were reach the Football League received the documents at 5:14pm.

Leeds United CEO Shaun Harvey whined:

"It is disappointing that the Football League stuck rigidly to the 5pm deadline when you take into account the exceptional circumstances that prevailed yesterday.

"The FA Premier League made arrangements for their clubs to register players after the deadline and if the Football League had adopted the same approach then Liam Dickinson would be a Leeds player until the end of the season."

Actually, no, it isn't disappointing. While the player would be an asset to the club its disappointing that a CEO would lay blame on missing a deadline. Leaders are accountable, so lead or move out.