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Jermaine Beckford charged with violent conduct

The FA has charged Jermaine Beckford with violent conduct with his regards to his elbow on Millwall goalkeeper David Forde in Monday's match.

Per the FA statement:

"The FA have confirmed that Jermaine Beckford has been charged under FA Rule E3 (violent conduct) for an incident on the field of play which falls within Law 12 - Not seen by the match officials but caught on video.

"The FA have been advised by the match referee that Jermaine Beckford was cautioned for a pushing incident that occured prior to the incident involving the Millwall goalkeeper.

"The participant has been offered the penalty of a three match suspension.

"The participant has until 6pm on Thursday 12th February 2009 to admit or deny the charge.

"A Regulatory Commission will hear the charge on Friday 13th February 2009."

The matter is open and shut as there is little debate on his action. He should accept the penalty without further delay and plan for his return.