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Filed under: had to happen didn't it

I suppose sooner or later we had to lose. And lose we did. Fair enough, can't really complain with the start we've had to the season. One thing that slightly wrankles with me, it had to be to Millwall.

They have been a bogey team for us without question. Home and away, we just struggle to get a result. And once again it alluded us, the win or even a draw, just anything but defeat to a team that it's hard as a Leeds fan not to hate purely because of how many times they've beaten us and caused me heartbreak.

But luckily we don't have long to lick our wounds. Our rearranged match against Bristol Rovers is tomorrow night at the memorial ground. The Gas as they are affectionately known, (maybe not affectionately i don't know, depend what kind of gas your talking about really) started the season brilliantly and in the last few games have dropped off the pace a bit and after a defeat to Yeovil at home, they will be like Leeds a wounded animal.

Two teams both coming into the match on the back of defeats is like a man being kicked in the groin. It hurts, your pissed off and you're looking to extract revenge on whoever is in your way.

So don't expect this match to be pretty. It'll be scrappy, messy, and a fight. Whoever reacts best to that kick in the groin will come out on top. Apologies for the slightly unneccesary analogy, but it's the best i could think of at the time.

Set pieces must be worked on by boss Simon Grayson as they were Leeds' downfall against Millwall, and generally getting the defence a bit more solid. From hardly conceeding, we're developing a strange habit of leaking goals. Maybe a coincidence, but unusually it's since Naylor has come back in. Harsh, but it's what has happened. Maybe brought back too soon after injury.

Also it's since Higgs has been out of the team that we've leaked a frew more goals. But with on loan keeper Frank Fielding going back to Blackburn, it might mean that Higgs is nearing a return.

Leeds legend Eddie Gray commented on Yorkshire Radio that the central midfield didn't get into the game. Howson and Doyle in the match i saw against Norwich recently were ineffective as well. It was a battle that we were winning earlier in the season and maybe fresh legs might be needed. Bringing in Kilkenny could be a key change. Always relaxed and assured on the ball, knows when to pass it and makes a sensible pass.

If Gradel is fit i'd be tempted to start him. We need to get at Bristol early on, get a couple of goals and if he isn't that fit, then bring him off and keep the lead we have. For this game i feel we can't be negative, we have to start bright and put them under pressure, they've been on a worse run than us. Especially at home.

So if we can shrug off Saturday's disappointment and get at Rovers from the off, we can give them that extra kick in the groin and hopefully they'll stay down this time. (I promise i'll think of something better for next time).