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What a finale!

Still hoarse and full of adrenalin, I can only describe the final few minutes of the pulsating match at Elland Road as crazy.

A 92nd minute winner from Jermaine Beckford greatfully received after a terrible goal kick from Norwich keeper Fraser Forster went straight to the deadly striker.

With the defence turning their backs on the kick, Beckford reacted first as good forwards do, charged towards the area holding off the last Norwich defender to finish past the unlucky Forster.

Unlucky because up until that point he hadn't put a foot wrong after making some good saves earlier in the second half.

It gave the whites a 2-1 victory. Grant Holt levelled for Norwich on the half hour after Bradley Johnson opened the scoring with a header from a Snodgrass corner on 14 minutes for Leeds.

The match started as the whole night would continue to be. Which was unfortunately frustrating as the referee booked anything that moved.

Naylor the first on 56 seconds, who then went off for near 8 minutes to reappear as the new Kisnorbo with his own headband for a cut received in the same incident.

Higgs then made two saves while Leeds were down to ten men, one which he clawed away after almost letting it fall over the line from his initial save.

He then went off injured. Casper came on. Just don't put any crosses in Norwich. Please. I asked nicely.

Norwich started brightly, with a fluid midfield switching from a 4-5-1 to 4-3-3 when attacking. Stroking the ball around with ease and seemingly finding a yellow shirt everytime. It was as much as i hate to say it, a joy to watch. But with this, it didn't really create many chances.

And after failing to take the two earlier chances, they were made to pay. A snodgrass corner headed in at the far post by a leaping salmon disguised as Bradley Johnson.

But Norwich kept at their attacking passing style and made it tough. Tactically they were spot on. They nullified Snodgrass and Johnson on the wings in open play and in the middle gave Beckford and newly signed Vokes no space to run into.

And their deserved equaliser came ironically from a free kick they didn't deserve 10 minutes before half time. But it was whipped in to the far post and this time the leaping salmon was beaten down low by Grant Holt for his 10th of the season.

At this point Leeds were just hanging on. Imagine putting a bucket on your head, being spun around 20 times and then being told to swat several very quick moving flies afterwards. It was kind of like that for Leeds. They couldn't catch Norwich when they got the ball, rings were being run round them.

Grayson to his credit as he has done so many times, changed it around. Snodgrass and Johnson started to exploit Norwich's lack of pace down the middle by coming inside and creating more opportunities. The full backs also came more into play because of it.

But still the frustration continued. It looked like being one of those nights.

Then two subs came on which changed the game. Tresor Kandol did get a league recall and another new acquisition, young Leicester winger Max Gradel signed on a one month loan. Kandol was asked to make a nuisance of himself and win headers. Check.

Gradel was also asked to be a nuisance and use his pace to exploit as many gaps as possible. Check. But with a bonus, he seemed to rejuvenate the entire team. The crowd were also sensing something from this kid. Two great passes inside 30 seconds had me calling for a permanent contract!

Leeds then also seemed to adapt to a 4-3-3 at times with Kandol and Gradel joining Beckford up front. Snodgrass and Vokes had made way for the subs.

And like Norwich the midfield became more fluid. Gradel, Kandol, and Johnson were making themselves felt by again getting down the middle. Exploiting the lack of pace, and with the full backs getting forward, Leeds were really getting a grip on the game and suddenly Norwich were hanging on.

Beckford then had two chances saved brilliantly by Forster, both one on ones that normally he would put away. Then Gradel picking up a Kandol flick on on the right crossed in low for Beckford, which was just too far in front of him and he couldn't quite divert it in. That was on 90 minutes. Game Over.

Until....from the resulting goal kick Forster made a complete hash of a simple kick and Beckford did the rest. Cue scenes of utter delirium. Fans spilling onto the pitch, myself screaming with my dad and jumping around like a kangaroo on hot coals and Norwich players and manager sinking to the ground.

Leeds back on top of the league. Still unbeaten. Probably didn't deserve it overall but if we can still scrape out wins against very good teams like this, then we can win the league. But if any team is going to challenge us, based on this performance, it'll be Norwich. And good luck to them.