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will Bradley Johnson get his chance?

Will the Bradley Johnson get his chance to shine since rejoining Leeds?

The twenty-one year-old is an enterprising midfielder who while on loan to Brighton & Hove Albion powered in five goals in ten matches. He possesses a clear resolve to attack in the match and is not afraid to push his work-rate up, a weakness for many in the Leeds midfielder.

Yesterday, in his first match back for Leeds in a reserve match he graded out well showing his capabilities. Per the club web-site he said of the match and his time at Brighton:

"It was good to be back and playing for Leeds again on Tuesday.

"I played first team football at Brighton, but I'm back at Leeds now, I've played a reserve game and I hope to push back to the first team.

"I've been told the manager will have a look at me and a decision will be made. I've just got to work hard and prove myself.

"I played most of the games under Gary McAllister last year, but didn't this season, and then went out on loan.

"Hopefully things will work out here. I'm going to work hard and see what happens."

Very straight-forward and simple, Bradley is the type of young man who will play with the skill and tenacity needed to win.