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Leeds goes back to basics

Since taking over at Leeds, Simon Grayson has been said to have more of a "back to basics" approach. Per the club web-site he acknowledged this stating:

"It's about trying to score goals and not concede,

"We're not going to have intricate ideas - it's not that time. The two games have been helter skelter games.

"In this division you have to earn the right to play, work hard, and mix your game up.

"I think so far the players are proving to people again that they are a good team.

"People have been critical of them for under performing and now, certainly in the two games since I've arrived, they are showing their true colours."

The Simon Grayson led squad ended its dreadful five match losing streak to which the new manager said:

"You expect a response to a degree with a new manager coming in, but you don't know what they will take on board.

"I've been really impressed with their attitude - and the way we have done in the face of adversity because we have come from behind twice in games and that says a lot about their characters."

"You learn about them all the time.

"Whether you're playing or training, when you're around the training ground, on the bus, and in hotels.

"We're getting to know the squad and the individuals. I like the players to feel comfortable with the environment and the staff, and know that when the time comes to work hard they will do that for you."