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not what you want to hear

The modern sports fan relies upon timely, informative information. Within a blink of an eye information on clubs is available throughout the world and clubs with solid communication networks have the ability to prosper from this opportunity. While wise clubs understand the importance of providing information as part of their marketing efforts, often making releases available in a multitude of different languages, there are others who take the stance of rifling through supporters pockets for every last crumb. While not all clubs can afford costly tech-heavy products it is foolish not to provide supporters free access to up-to-date detailed information.

Unfortunately Leeds is one of those clubs who falls short in providing information and as a club with such a broad history in Football, it is costing them dearly as a young generation of fans barely hear of them. While their are a host of changes the club needs to address in providing information, new manager Simon Grayson decided to up the ante and announced today that he won't be discussing injuries or giving away few selection clues ahead of matches.

"We have one or two knocks from the Stockport game.

"But as you'll find in the coming weeks I don't like giving too much of that sort of information out.

"You will find out when the team is announced, but hopefully the majority of the squad from last weekend will be available."

With regards to the fitness of Jermaine Beckford he coyly said:

"We are assessing Jermaine. It was his other hamstring when he came off, but we felt it was an opportunity to maybe change things around as well and Malcolm (Christie) came on and scored.

"Jermaine is a doubt - but there's every chance he could play as well."

Unfortunately this type of approach by Leeds and Mr. Grayson is extremely short-sighted. Supporters aren't looking for mastermind clues on tactics but relevant information to digest and yes, stand behind their club. Should Leeds fail to be promoted they will realize this a few years as they will play within a cavernous Elland Road but by then it will be too late.