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Leeds responds to Fabian Delph situation

Following speculation of the peculiar elimination of Fabian Delph from the roster, Leeds responded with the following explanation of the technical glitch:

Andrew Lockwood, Director of Data, PA Sport (Leeds web-site administrators) said: "I can confirm that the issue with Fabian Delph was caused by his player profile coming through to Perform in the data feed with England U21s as a status of 'club' instead of 'other international.'"

Head of Football at Perform Group Warren Palk said: "Unfortunately due to this error on behalf of PA, Fabian was consequently automatically removed from the Leeds United Squad list as soon as our player database was updated as it recognised England U21 as a new club.

"As soon as this error was identified PA re-sent the data feed and the issue was rectified.

"I can confirm that Fabian did not appear on any other club's squad list and that the appearance within the squad Lists of MK Dons and Aston Villa, is the result of forgery and deception.

"I would like to aplogise for any confusion this has caused."