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No news is not good news

Following Leeds deplorable performance in their 3-0 loss to Carlisle, I was hoping to hear of Simon Grayson's plan. Possibly how the course would be righted and how a club billowing with talent could be back on track towards promotion. However echoing his original statement that he would be providing little commentary before the match, now nearly forty-eight hours after the loss, the club has yet to issue formal commentary.

Part of role as manager is providing leadership and accepting responsibility for the clubs failures. Accountability is a key ingredient for success and right now, Leeds, like their dismal place in the table is failing the test. Hopefully there is a valid reason why the club has avoided discussing the loss at Elland Road but otherwise it must change its direction immediately and present a new tone in leadership. Remarkably as we witness Leeds take a passive tactical role on the pitch, we see it off as well.