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can I just say - I told you so!

Yes, I'm feeling a bit smug but finally after complaining of the pedestrian-slow weekend Masters club tactics, Leeds finally came out with an lineup I can agree with. And shock, guess what happened? Five goals and in-fact it would have been a clean sheet if it wasn't for blunders in added-time.

Leeds defeated Crewe today 5-2 in what is by-far their best match of the campaign. They detonated the pitch, all because of a basic notion...attack, attack, attack lead by Fabian Delph. The eighteen year-old midfielder has been a constant threat and as I have been saying, is not a player for the future but a talent who will immediately impact the club. He has no role on the bench for Leeds and quite honestly, I'm pleased to see the transfer window close without a irresistible offer. Mark my words, if Leeds does not burst through to the Championship next year I find it highly unlikely that they will be able to hold onto him.

Needless to say, the England U-19 midfielder swarmed the pitch, pushing the attack forward and Leeds ran Crewe into the ground and dizzy with attacking options. He struck first from just outside the area twenty-six minutes into the match with Alan Sheehan doubling the score ten minutes later from roughly thirty meters. Jermaine Beckford and Luciano Becchio created absolute havoc in the attack with superb tactical movement and were able to open sight lanes and markers kept chase. It was the best movement I've seen from Jermaine Beckford this campaign and while he may have only scored once, the striking tandems work away from the ball is part of the reason why Leeds dominated today.

Three minutes after the break, Jonathan Douglas struck from distance as a flanking movement drew an open bead on goal and he took advantage of it to give Leeds a 3-0 lead. Andy Robinson entered the match with twenty-five minutes later and quickly supplied Jermaine Beckford a cross that he nodded home for the fourth goal of the afternoon. Andy Robinson's name would appear on the score-sheet again as he tallied up Leeds final goal of the afternoon with eight minutes left as he hit from just outside the box. In added-time Lubo Michalik was sent off and a Leeds defense let down their guard, allowing Crewe to score twice.

Leeds moves forward next week against Swindon Town. There are naturally many adjustments to be made and I still think the formation does need some work but today you saw what a aggressive attack-minded Leeds squad is capable of in League One. Hopefully Mr. Capello will consider the same notion as well someday.

As a final note and locals will understand this - for the media that covers Leeds, please be respectful of how you pronounce Mr. Beechio's last name. There is something wonderful about honour and decorum and I appreciate it if you respect an individuals heritage. Those who cannot live up to that, should not be in the media.

Match details
Leeds 5 (Delph 26, Sheehan 36, Douglas 48, Beckford 66, Robinson 81), Crewe 2 (Zola 90, Bopp 90)

Leeds United: Lucas, Richardson, Michailk, Telfer, Sheehan, Hughes (Howson 64), Kilkenny (Robinson 64), Douglas, Delph, Beckford, Becchio (Snodgrass 69). Subs: Ankergren, Prutton.

Crewe: Collis, Woodards, Baudet, O'Donnell, Jones, Rix (Bopp 63), Bailey, Schumacher, Moore, Elding (Donaldson 63), Zola. Subs: Abbey, Pope, Miller.