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Carling Cup v Hartlepool match preview

I apologize for the misleading title of this post because in-fact this has little to do with a "preview" as much as it is a statement.

I have complete respect for the Carling Cup and while I want to see Leeds progress, priority one is promotion to the Championship. The pre-season commentary of Leeds being a consensus favourite to advance is ancient history and this is going to be a long tough battle. Oldham is playing like a squad completely beyond this level and Leicester City is playing such good sound Football, I cannot imagine them not being in the thick of things at the end. Throw in another six to eight clubs capable at this stage, I think the tough decision of choosing this match to be secondary to clubs priority needs to be made. Gary McAllister needs to base his decision on starting lineup on this weekends League One match against Hereford and effectively walk backwards to todays match. With this in mind I would like to see this match used to give younger players (i.e.Tom Elliott) and veterans who have been lacking playing time to-date given the opportunity.

I will report on the match as it concludes.