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Gary McAllister's comments

I'm looking at Gary McAllister's comments on the club web-site today with a slice of humour to them given they are precisely what I have been bellowing about. Per the club site:

"The possession count was quite scary because we dominated from minute one, but we had two moments where our concentration went completely.

"Fabian will learn from the first and for the second we just switched off completely. That's the frustrating thing. Dave Lucas didn't have a save to make either before or after the goals.

"It was the same against Yeovil and Oldham, where we have switched off for moments and it's cost us.

"There's going to be days like this, but the main thing was we didn't get beaten."

The boss is also looking for his side to play at a quicker tempo when in control of games.

"Some of the passing and movement was excellent, but at times we're playing at a comfortable pace which maybe suits them," he explained.

"We need to play at a pace which cuts open the opposition."

Simply stated, the club is playing like a mid-table League One or League Two squad at times and if you intend to make a serious run at promotion, they are going to need to take a more professional approach. Mental lapses are destroying the team and within these ranks, a pat on the back and "do better next time" isn't necessary. Whilst it is a bit late in the day to do so, simply get rid of those who make mistakes, without a second chance. That teaches the lesson very quickly to professionals. As I have repeated before Paul Telfer needs to be in the starting grid for each and every match. As it relates to finishing, this relates more to movement. You've got a number who are stoic on the pitch, rooted tightly and waiting to take a good smash at the ball. It's a product of their development and they have simply got lazy and forgot movement patterns and creating space against the opposition. Next point of concern is work hours because they have to step it up. Off pitch work, tactical review of upcoming teams needs to improve or you can look forward to another year in League One. Let me also state that if that happens, you'll lose at least five of the top players and it'll be a long road back. His final statement floored me because of how I've been hammering at this point:

"We're playing at a comfortable pace which maybe suits them"

Yes, they are playing what looks to be old masters-level Football. Fitness levels are fair and they need to run and run a lot more. To me the club looks 5kg + overweight across the board and the midfields work-rate is far too low. Those who can't keep up need to be dispatched.

While I am repeating myself, Leeds needs to change the formation to a 4-3-3 or preferably a 4-4-2 "diamond" with Luciano Becchio as the enganche. Jermaine Beckford with either Robert Snodgrass or Jonny Howson should be paired at striker, with the other in the wing. Andy Robinson should be on the opposite side with firm instructions to keep pushing forward.

Now lets see if it happens but its good to see these points come to light.