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Marching On Together, match day 1

In ten or so hours, the men of Leeds United will make their way onto the Glanford Park pitch with the hopes and dreams of the countless fellow supporters behind them. The challenge of promotion sits before them and it will be quite the test. While Leeds will so often be the target of other clubs motivation, we as a collective group will march on together. I don't mind telling you that as the club went through its financial debacle that saw from grace, I knew in my hearts of hearts, it would never surrender. That simple notion was woven into my upbringing so many years ago and I know that the winds of adversity are to be met head-on, just as the club as done. So as Gary McAllister leads this squad of men into the season, they have already satisfied my first hope of this beautiful game, by facing adversity head-on and the lessons it teaches the fair-haired youth who watch. It is one of the great measures of champions and of a people they represent and they have handled this task so very well. As this campaign begins, my hopes and dreams are that all clubs, not just Leeds, perform to the best of their ability and equally honour their loyal supporters with this never-say-die attitude.

Gary McAllister has put together, without question, the most powerful offensive attack in League One. The striking combination of Luciano Becchio, Enoch Showunmi and Jermaine Beckford offers untold opportunities and one of the best young Scottish sharpshooters, Robert Snodgrass is likely to be seen in both an attacking midfield as well as Striker. The midfield is stacked with a solid veterans Andrew Hughes, David Prutton and Andy Robinson but a clear leader has emerged in Jonny Howson. Casper Ankergren solidifies the 'keeper position and within a strong defense but without a doubt, the signing of Paul Telfer locks down the defensive side of the team.

Scunthorpe suffered through a dreary season last year as they headed to relegation but they play well in front of their home crowd. They will come out looking to impress upon their fans their intent of promotion and will play a tight marking match. Nigel Adkins will have them mentally and physically prepared so over-committing to the attack and being open to counter, must be noted. If they are susceptible to one form of attack more than other it is to assaults in the channel and pace however possession in the midfield is key and the fans must be taken out of match early.

An exciting start to the season, please stop by after for a full review and if you're in the area get out to Glanford Park and support great League One action. Day one, we're Marching On Together.