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a salary cap?

While this might not concern the opening to the campaign this Saturday, the issue of sky-rocketing salaries, as well as transfer prices, is destroying the competitiveness of the sport. We all know it's the dirty little secret that the media does not want to talk-of but prior to the start of the season, you can easily predict the top two or three squads of most upper-tiered leagues. It's not a laughing matter as for the majority of the table the hope for anything other than a solid fifth or sixth place finish is out of the question and for many it is simply the issue of being competitive and avoiding relegation.

As a long-time coach and someone whose claret is filled of this game, I know this must change but how? Well the truth is there are a variety of ways. First of all, get out to a match in your region and hopefully with your friends and family. Support regional squads whatever the level and think beyond just the "big-name" stars you hear of in the press constantly. Through every corner of the world this glorious game is played and played beautifully but far beyond the quality of play is the social impact of supporting regional squads has upon communities.

However if you look beyond this, there is a wonderful web-site organized by Leeds resident Michael Hewitt, Footballer Wages to promote the use of a salary cap. The point is well-made, is long overdue and will protect the games best interest. It's time the fans speak up and keep the beauty of the beautiful game alive.