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Fabian Delph to stay

Fabian Delph's star is shining brightly and the nineteen year-old has quickly emerged as the spark-plug to the Leeds attack. It is a very clear and obvious point that without the England U21 international in the lineup, the attack stalls to a painfully too slow to watch pace. Quite obviously this has not went unnoticed and many Premier League clubs have put the teen on their radar. The club has went on record on a number of occasions stating that he won't be sold, yet unless Leeds is promoted to the Championship it is very unlikely that he would be back at Elland Road next campaign. However in another installment of the Fabian Delph saga, new manager Simon Grayson told the BBC regarding a possible swoop during the January transfer window:

"I've been assured he won't be sold."

"If we get stupid money for him we might do it, but we don't have to do it. My gut feeling is he'll stay."

When asked of what that price might be, he responded:

"I don't know what sort of price that would be."

"If he was to go no one will get him on the cheap."

Straight to the point, given Fabian Delph's development the only likely chance at seeing him with Leeds next year is promotion to the Championship and even that might not be sufficient as he is on the fast track to the Premier League.