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The heat is on Gary McAllister

There is no use denying it but the heat is on Gary McAllister to get Leeds into gear. Without a doubt Leeds possesses a wealth of talent and have been a major disappointment this year as they sit meekly at seventh in the table. Whether Gary McAllister can survive the year or not is a question itself but I do not expect him to be retained if the club fails in its promotion bid.

However in a BBC interview he responded to questions regarding Leeds and they abysmal performance against Histon in the recent FA Cup match:

"I feel as if I'm the guy that can get this club into the Championship. I think I've started pushing this club in the right direction, but that decision's not mine is it?"

This is a tough topic as whilst Gary McAllister has down a great job steadying the storm when Dennis Wise left, Leeds is far too good of a club to have dropped twenty-two points so-far.

Feel free to comment on this matter.