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Gary McAllister is denial

Speaking to the BBC Gary McAllister confirmed he is denial of the clubs play:

"If we're out of position in the league or unable to pass the ball four feet to each other, then it would be a crisis. I don't think it's quite at crisis level. I'm going to stay strong to my values and how I see the game and how it should be played. We need to transform what we do in the week over to Elland Road more often."

Speaking of climbing out of the slump he added:

"But I'm going to keep going. When you're in these situations as a player or a manager you've just got to grind it out and get to the other end. There's no point sitting in the corner and sulking."

Factually speaking, Leeds is in a free-fall, locked in eighth place and a distant twelve points behind Leicester City. While on paper they have the finest talent in League One, they have stumbled in the dark, losing their most recent four matches as well as winning on four of ten matches on the road. Call it what you will but changes are needed before the good ship takes on too much water and is beyond rescue. While there is "no point sitting in the corner and sulking", the club needs to adjust tactically and stop playing a highly predictable attack that virtually any club can defend against. If not more obvious proof, consider how production has dropped throughout the campaign and the opposition has learned how to play against Leeds. Tactics, poor decision-making on the transition and levels of fitness are pulling the club down and will not change if you look the other say and simply try to "grind it out."