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Leeds kick off first round of FA Cup

The first round of the FA Cup gets underway at Elland Road against Northhampton. The Cobblers are winless in their last three league matches and are facing the match with Abdul Osman, Adebayo Akinfenwa and Luke Gutteridge out and Colin Larkin doubtful. Leeds are fully-fit with the exception of Rui Marques and Alan Sheehan. Judging from Gary McAllister's comments, they are anxious for the Cup:

"I love the FA Cup. I have to say I had a fantastic run late in my career in the cup competitions, including the FA Cup. As much as I came on for Liverpool against Arsenal in the final with not long to go, the FA Cup final for me has always been special. We didn't actually get the TV pictures in Scotland when I was growing up and we had to travel to the border towns to watch it, but the FA Cup has always been a big event. I'm a traditionalist. I like the history of it. I was involved at Cardiff, but it's nice to see it back at Wembley. It's a magical tournament. At Leicester I had six seasons and never won an FA Cup tie so it wasn't good to me. We always seemed to get tough draws when I was a player here as well. As much as the number one target is promotion, it is a respite from league business. We see the importance of getting to the third round. That's when the big boys come in and in some peoples eyes that is seen as when the cup proper starts. That's the target. We're not looking miles ahead, but that's what were looking for."

For those watching the match, let me know. I'll report on it as it concludes and if warranted (subtle hint for comments) I'll update during.