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"We've got to be up for these battles"

"We've got to be up for these battles" said Leeds manager Gary McAllister on the BBC following the pathetic 2-1 loss to Northampton.

He added:

"When we're going away to grounds - I don't watch Northampton week-in week-out, but the effort used by them, is that the same every week here? If it was, they'd maybe be up in the similar position as us in the league."

"We knew it would be different from the cup tie."

"They made it very difficult, they got in our faces and in the first half we never got going at all.

"In the second half we responded well and got on the front foot, but two bad goals again."

"We go in at half-time and I'm looking for a response again and I did get that - it was like night and day.

"I'm not looking for excuses for the first half but Northampton came and pressed and pressed and we were a little bit naive I felt - still trying to play too many passes when it might have been a night for knocking it a little bit longer.

"Second half we did knock it a little bit longer and got up behind it and looked a better team."

While it is true Leeds might not have played with the fight needed, it should be noted it would be difficult to see it because they continue with tactics that minimize their strengths and effectively allow the opposition to regroup with slower paced play. With Robert Snodgrass and Jonny Howson rooted on the bench, Leeds is a highly predictable smash and grab attack. If Leeds does not change their approach I dare say I will be blogging next year in League One with Leeds once more.