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shocker; Malcolm Christie injured

Gary McAllister noted on BBC Leeds that new man Malcolm Christie was unable to play this past weekend because of rib-injury. Using the most up-to-date medical terms the Leeds United manager said:

"He's had a knock on his rib, which we thought he had popped but he hasn't. The feeling is he might just have tweaked the cartilage in one of his ribs and he's feeling very sore when he's trying to breathe."

I'm not sure where to start with this but medically speaking a "knock" or "tweak" presumably is not a major injury as Mr. Christie might be a part of Tuesday's Northampton Town match.

In discussing the lineup changes Gary McAllister noted:

"The changes are purely because of the amount of games. I feel at times that we have to freshen things up in the team - once we get down to the nitty gritty you might see the same team appearing. We've got to use the squad because the games are coming really thick and fast. Last week we had Saturday to Monday, this week it was Saturday to Tuesday. It's difficult, and if you've got quality then we've got to use it."

With regards to the Hartlepool match he noted:

"Right from early on we got our noses in front and Hartlepool did have a few counter attacks which caused us problems but I felt at half time that we didn't have to do a great deal different. We had to show patience and keep doing what we were doing - working the ball, trying to get it wide, trying to get decent delivery into the box, and then it started to fall for us. We made their keeper work which at times this season we haven't with the amount of possession we've had, but I was pleased with our patience - there was no panic and I think we got our just rewards."