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Sir Alan Sugar had other ideas on how to treat Leeds

I have never been in agreement with the notion of penalizing teams in financial misfortune. It seems a bit on the redundant side to drawn and quarter a club already in financial ruins and equally raises a suspect eyebrow of who is safeguarding the game when clubs affiliated with regions are pawns in foreign owners investment portfolios. While some my disagree with this notion, I have never seen anyone come up with a positive impact of penalizing a club into the lower oblivion of competition. Moving past the recent issue of Leeds situation, there is absolutely nothing positive that will come from say Rotherham, Bournemouth or Luton Town following out of League Two and I question the motives of regulatory bodies who impose Draconian judgments.

However Sir Allan Sugar, ex-chairman believes Leeds should have been jettisoned out of the Football League. In speaking to the BBC he said:

"Leeds spent millions and millions of pounds, go bust and the following Saturday start again, it's unfair. They should be thrown out, down to the fifth division and have to work their way back up, playing on Hackney Marsh. It takes your heart out of the game when you see this happen, it is totally unfair."

Opinions will vary in matters such as these but with the Premier League far from being a "domestic" league where the minority of players are from the "home nations" what precisely comes out of destroying clubs. Leeds like many other clubs are not "franchises" and are part of regions fabric and to throw them aside without care is throwing away something far beyond the game. Possibly Sir Allan Sugar ought to re-consider the situation as many clubs in the Premier League shake in the financial crunch of today.