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Leeds win again. Thank God. (Plus: I'm back!)

I’m back! After a fairly long time away from a computer while moving back to Europe, I’m now back and posts should resume as of today. So to start, a quick round-up of all the Leeds news we’ve missed in the last few days.

November 25th: Leeds played a regular league match against Cheltenham, losing 1-0. Pundits the world over began to worry (with some satisfaction in many cases) that Leeds were about to start another losing streak. This was foolish, as Leeds completely outplayed Cheltenham, had an equaliser disallowed, and by all the rights deserved to leave the field as victors, which can’t be said of a lot of the games they’ve won this season. I can’t find any highlights, so you’ll have to take my word for it. The Yorkshire Evening Post match report is here.

December 4th: Leeds began their match against Port Vale still dogged by the widespread belief that they would soon implode. They walked off the field 3-0 winners, silencing at least some of the critics. No highlights available, sadly. Click here for the Yorkshire Evening Post match report.

December 8th: Another league match, this time a local derby of epic proportions, with giant Leeds United taking on tiny Huddersfield Town. Leeds left the pitch at half-time 1-0 ahead despite being the second-best team on the pitch for most of the last 45 minutes, but retook the field a changed team and scored three more goals while playing Huddersfield off the pitch. This is probably attributable to Dennis Wise discovering at half-time that vandals - who I think it’s fair to say will be lynched by Leeds hooligans if their identities are ever made public - had covered Elland Road’s statue of Leeds legend Billy Bremner in graffiti. I’ll write about that later in the week, because it sickens me. There’s a match report here, in the Yorkshire Evening Post. For the goals, check out this video: