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FA Cup Preview: Hereford United v Leeds United

Alright - the first time in the history of Leeds United that we're playing in the first round of the FA Cup! And we're going to be on TV again! Tonight! Alright, so we're playing Hereford United, a team only recently promoted to League Two from the Conference, but look again. In 1972, Hereford defeated Newcastle United (yes, the Newcastle United) in the FA Cup third round, when Hereford were a non-league, amateur team. Hereford's equalizer, which forced the game into extra time and gave them chance enough to score a winner, was an incredible 30-yard shot by a part-time carpenter, and one of Hereford's defenders played solidly and passionately for most of the match despite having broken his leg at the start of the game.

The legendary goal is right here:

Leeds are massive favourites to win, with the odds clocking in at 8/13 for a Leeds win, 23/10 for a draw, and 4/1 on a Hereford upset. I think you'd be wrong to discount Hereford completely, however: their manager, Graham Turner, has been at the helm for over ten years and invested his own money to keep the team afloat, and the passion for this game on the Hereford side will be incredible. An upset is definitely on the cards, and I personally wouldn't bet against Hereford. Leeds will probably field a close-to-full-strength side, and Wise's lads will have to raise their game to stop a Hereford side who are going to want to add to their legend by smashing Leeds tonight.

Look out for a full match report after the game.