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"Police in riot gear contained Leeds fans near the station using vans, dogs, and horses"

And in a development almost as predictable as the sun rising, 13 Leeds fans were arrested by police at Saturday's game in Carlisle, along with 8 Carlisle supporters. The Yorkshire Evening Post has video here, although a fair number of Leeds fans on the net are disputing the media accounts of the violence. According to the Post, "shoppers fled" as hooligans fought in the streets, while Cumbria Police were forced to draft in mounted riot police from Yorkshire in an attempt to contain rampaging fans. The ever-wonderful YouTube has some surprisingly unthrilling video:

I wouldn't be totally surprised if the actal scale of violence had been exagerated by the extensive police presence - after all, it's not often that police in Carlisle get to don riot gear and pop up on video. Still, it's not like Leeds and Carlisle have particularly good records between the two of them when it comes to fan violence.