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Leeds crash and burn. Again. Leeds 0 - 1 Hereford

Hereford vs. LeedsBeing a muppet, I just spent an hour and half writing an in-depth preview of tonight's England - Croatia match, including assessments of all Croatia's players, over on, so if you want to know just who is Shakhtar Donetsk's best Croatian player, go check it out. It's certainly more fun than reading a match report on yet another perfect Leeds example of how to crash and burn out of a major cup tournament when up against inferior opposition. There's no real point in writing a match report about a game in which Leeds did little of note other than injure their first-choice goalkeeper, especially when The Times and The Guardian have already done so. Let's all just hold out for the coming weekend's league action, since Leeds, for whatever reason, look like a Conference side whenever they have a cup match.