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Match-Report Monday: Hereford United 0 - 0 Leeds United

Dennis Wise AngryIt turned out not to be such a great game after all. Leeds spent most of the game as the inferior side, looking tired and out of ideas. Considering they were playing against a League Two side, that's really not acceptable. Leeds, who have a good claim to being the best team in League One and expect to gain promotion to the Championship this year, should not be held to a goalless draw by a team only recently promoted into professional football; it's even less comprehensible that Leeds were the second-best team on the pitch for much of the match. Dennis Wise blames fatigue, telling the BBC:

"We did not give a good account of ourselves and we looked tired and jaded. We can perform better than we did but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as we've played Carlisle, Bournemouth and Hereford this week. It was a cup final for them, having mighty Leeds at Hereford. They wanted to cause an upset but they didn't."

I can agree with Wise to an extent, but there remains the fact that Leeds really should not have struggled against a team of Hereford's standard, giant-killing reputation or not. Highlights of the match, such as they are, after the "read more" button.