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League One? You're on Notice: Leeds 4 - 2 Milwall

Playoffs ... playoffs ...

Leeds stretched their unbeaten run to a staggering 13 games (11 wins, two draws) with a spectacular 4-2 win over Milwall. United dominated from the first minute of the game, and Milwall's two consolation goals only came while Leeds were four goals ahead and got lazy. I'll have a full match report when I find a computer capable of running video - I'm currently in a rubbish web café in Machu Picchu Pueblo, and will be in La Paz next week. I'm not holding out hope, to be honest, but it'll be up as soon as possible.

Leeds first goal was scored by David Prutton (I hereby take back every negative thing I've ever said about him), with the second a Jermaine Beckford finish from a Tresor Kandol assist. Jonathon Douglas, still filling in as captain, scored his first goals of the season, the first from a corner and the second from a free kick, to put Leeds four goals ahead and unasailable by the 60th minute. The Leeds defence promptly fell asleep and conceded two pointless goals in the 65th and 76th minutes (from Hoskins and Brkovic respectively) before waking up and doing their jobs again.

The win puts us, despite a pre-season 15 point penalty, in sixth place in League One, ahead of Nottingham Forest on goal difference and in a playoff position. Of course, without the ridiculous and unjust point penalty, Leeds are in first place in the League, 11 points ahead of current leaders Cardiff, but alas, the world isn't fair.

Championship, here we come! All hail Dennis Wise!