Are we "doing a Leeds" again?


You literally couldn’t make up the scenes that surrounded Leeds United over this weekend. Sacking managers and reinstating them, takeovers, sponsors dropping out but thankfully a morale boosting victory against our West Yorkshire rivals Huddersfield Town winning 5-1.

In terms of the game against Huddersfield, the performance in the first half was fairly similar to that against Ipswich Town on Tuesday night but the second half United were unbelievable and dominated Huddersfield in all aspects of the game, topped off with a hat trick from Captain Ross McCormack.

However, the thing that has disappointed me over the weekend is the lack of communication the club has had with the fans. I sat in my living room and watched all the drama unfold on Twitter and Sky Sports News, praying it wasn’t true because nothing had been posted on the Club website. I only knew that McDermott’s sacking was "true" when Ross McCormack made his second appearance on Sky Sports News and confirmed it. A player should not have to state that the manager has been sacked to the fans. It is the clubs responsibility and I thought that it was poor on their behalf.

The positive thing today was Brian McDermott reporting to training again after being let go on Friday to be reinstated 20 minutes in to the second half against Huddersfield and left the fans wondering if he would want to manage the team again knowing that he still doesn’t have that long left in the role. He stated in a press conference today that "I am Leeds United manager, and I want to be Leeds United manager." As a fan that is the best thing that I wanted to hear after what has happened this weekend.

It seems as if ever since GFH bought the club in 2012, they have been looking to sell or find other investment. Their opening press conference they stated that "getting in the premier league was not a necessity". We shouldn’t have believed this. We now have debts between £15 million and £20 million and we need someone with lots of money to buy us out and stabilise us financially again. I have heard reports from different people that Cellino has got around £800 million or possibly more which I feel will be a whole lot more than what Sport Capital have, more than what another consortium led by businessman Mike Farnan. I have seen it before and I do not want Leeds to implode in to financial meltdown again and see us take a points deduction and get relegated in to the lower leagues again. Once we got promoted back in to the championship, there was a sense that we had got over our financial issues and we were debt free. But since Ken Bates left we thought it would get better but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

GFH have confirmed that Cellino has bought 75% of the club subject to the "Fit and Proper Persons Test" through the Football League. Despite having convictions against him Italy, Cellino is confident that he will pass the test and be able to take control of the club. If this happens, he should be able to settle the clubs debts and supply funds for players when transfer windows are available. I do believe that if a reformed consortium with David Haigh and sport capital and another businessman try to buy the club like they are trying to do now, the drama will just continue because I do not think that they funds to settle the club debts and then be able to bring players in.

We may not like Cellino but I think that at this moment in time he is our best bet for financial stability, because he has the funds to do more with the club and has also has 20 years of experience owning a football club. Only time will tell with what is going to happen with Leeds United but at the moment the club is still in the hands of GFH Capital.

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